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Flu season is upon us …

Your patient is sneezing and coughing. A coworker is complaining of feeling "dead tired," has a headache, cough, and feels hot. Exactly how should dental offices deal with these situations? Public health leaders in most countries continue to launch full efforts educating people to recognize and control the spread of respiratory infections. Dental assistants play a vital role in strategies to keep respiratory illness out of the dental office.

Dental healthcare workers will undoubtedly be exposed to seasonal strains of influenza. Every dental team member must take necessary precautions to avoid illness, maintain a safe office environment for both the dental team and its patients, and keep current on new strains of influenza and other respiratory illnesses. Dental offices should implement a program for screening patients for aerosol transmitted diseases (ATD). Understanding the risks and how to deal with them can avoid panic, illness and even death.

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Nebraska Oral Health State Plan was the topic at a series of Town Hall Meetings held by DHHS.

We are following this topic very closely. Please view the summary by clicking the following link:

Oral Health State Plan Summary

Nebraska Oral Health State Plan Draft, September 7, 2011 can be viewed by clicking on the following link:

Nebraska Oral Health State Plan Draft

After viewing the plan please given them your opinion on this plan by clicking on the link within the DHHS website to complete a survey.

FEED BACK!!! The DHHS is looking for feedback on the plan. Please take the survey!!



September 30, 2011
Dr. John Ahlschwede and Dr. Terry Wilwerding

The NDAA Congratulates Dr. John Ahlschwede, of Central City, NE in his retirement from the Nebraska Board of Dentistry.
In recognition of his years of service to the citizens of Nebraska, The Nebraska Board of Dentistry Chairperson Dr. Terry Wilwerding presented Dr. Ahlschwede a certificate of Membership into the Nebraska Admirals Association.

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Jill Day
4:04 pm cdt 


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